Focus on your future

Crillo is designed to make everyone in the world spend their every second more meaningful. Crillo prevents distraction and allows you to do more in less time.



Give a name to your Crills that you will start to focus. Choose a working mode according to the task and your mood. Before a long break, you can choose the break duration according to your energy!

Review your productivity

Review your productivity

Review previous Crills to check your productivity. See their names, working modes, durations and other useful information. Approach your goals day by day in accordance with the plan you set for yourself!

Continuous operation

Continuous operation

After logging in, your data gets synchronized automatically across platforms and devices without additional processing. Never lose your data!


Tarık Temur

Before meeting Crillo, my work was usually one or two hours of non-stop effort, so it was overly boring and exhausting.

Then I discovered Crillo, and even though I worked the same amount of time, the time was passing faster.

Also, since I felt less tired and bored, I became able to focus more on my work.

Hasan Özcan

I installed this app for my second-grade student daughter.

At first, I was prejudiced against the app, but I realised the usefulness of it after observing her improved exam grades.

Thx Crillo Team.

Yasin Samsa
Architecture Student

Are you bad at time management?
Do you suddenly find yourself playing PUBG while studying?

While you are -eventually- ready to study, is your inner voice telling you "let's chill bro?"

Just download this app! You will work your fingers to the bone.

Whoops! My short break is over.